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Model: QS1.7
Model Series Overall Deck Size* 1" Recessed Bed Size Capacity Outside Turning Radius** Min. Spacing Between Aisles** Approx. Shipping Wt.
QS1.7 2-M 36" x 72" 33" x 69" 2,000 lb. 7'-6" 4'-0" 315 lb.
QS1.7 3-M 36" x 72" 33" x 69" 3,000 lb. 7'-6" 4'-0" 315 lb.
QS1.7 4-M 36" x 72" 33" x 69" 4,000 lb. 7'-6" 4'-0" 315 lb.

* An accessory pallet curb is available for the flush deck. This provides a load-retaining lip on all four sides of approximately 3/4" high.
** These figures are taken with steering at less than maximum, to ensure an operating margin. A three-unit train of TRACKER model QS1 will easily turn in and out of 5' main aisles with a 7' end aisle, within the turning limits of the tow vehicle. Contact Peregrine, Inc. for an evaluation of trailer requirements for any particular facility or aisle configuration.

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