Here are a few of many users who, after thorough research, have chosen the Quad-Steer TRACKER™.

The Pentagon
Atlantic Research Corp.
Cushman / Textron
Disney World
General Motors
Lucent Technologies
General Electric





In addition to our full line of Quad-Steer TRACKER™ Trailers, we routinely engineer, design and manufacture custom trailer and material rack solutions.

With a custom-designed trailer, it is possible to meet virtually any capacity, space, or standards requirements.

If our stock trailers don't have precisely what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation and quote.

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3 Sided Cargo Custom cargo containment systems available. Configure your enclosure to fit your needs. Easy load/unload with the security needed for product and employees alike.
Beverage Handling Beverage handling acessories are used for stadiums and misc. events for safer means of long distance travel.
Fire And Rescue Trailers can be a number of colors to designate hazards or emergency use.
Folding Crib Tall products can be a challenge to handle. This unit has fold down sides to allow the operator the flexibility of easy handling and safe transportation.
Folding Ramp Bifold ramp's are designed to take up minimal space when folded. Bifold ramp's can be used were overhead clearance is minimal such as through doorways and gates.
Low Side Ramp In turf applications, heavy equipment must be transported long distances before or after use in the field. Low sides allow access to equipment that can be easily lifted for use yet provide safety while in transport.
Luggage Handling These trailers are used by security to handle luggage for tours on the White House grounds.
Maintenance Work Station Create a mobile work station for your maintenance department.
Ramp Down Rear Ramp's can be used to load small carts or equipment for more efficient transfer or collection.
Rotating Load Positioning Place your bulk crates or baskets on a mobile work station. Also useful for finished goods after packaging. Mobile work stations that allow the user to turn the container as needed makes it easy to load/unload.
Rotating Rack Transport The Low-Boy Trailer and Rack System was developed to meet specific ergonimic requirements of the workplace.
Rubberized Deck Neoprene rubber, plywood, oak planks or other materials can be used in place of steel decks to better fit your application.

We'll also be happy to show you some of our previous custom work for companies like:

General Motors
Pratt & Whitney
Boeing / McDonnell Douglas

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