Peregrine, Inc. appears on
Alexander Haig’s
"World Business Review" TV Series

Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces the appearance of Peregrine, Inc., on World Business Review Television series hosted by Alexander Haig. The episode airs on U.S. public television stations, regional network affiliates, and independent carriers in over 200 major U.S. and international markets. The episode is currently available for viewing via video streaming. Please select a video link below:

“Not enough companies realize that Lean Manufacturing Principles can be applied to almost any industry. Peregrine was selected to appear on World Business Review due to its ability to demonstrate a successful working example of Lean Manufacturing Principles in the transportation industry,” said Chris Graniti, the show’s Coordinating Producer.

The segment focuses on innovations in transportation and materials handling.

“Material handling trailers have been around pretty much since the wheel was invented, and current technology makes them better than ever. They are an efficient, simple, safe and flexible solution – exactly what the manufacturing industry is currently looking for as it steers toward the Lean Manufacturing concept,” said Rivers.

World Business Review may also be viewed on Educational Satellite Services, Formerly-PBS The Business and Technology Network, United Airlines, or through the video on demand via Yahoo! Broadcast. Additionally, WBR airs on local affiliates of major television networks (ABC, CBS and FOX) throughout the United States.


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